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woad_HurryJamieson B Hurry (1930). The woad plant and its dye. Oxford Univ. Press.

JN Liles (1990). The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing: Traditional Recipes for Modern Use. Univ of Tennessee Press.

Jenny Balfour-Paul (2006). Indigo. Archetype Publications.

Christina Krupp/Marieke van der Dal (2005). From Woad to Blue. The Complete Anachronist #129.  SCA web site

John Edmonds (1998). The History of Woad and the medieval Woad vat. John Edmonds Publisher. ISBN: 0953413306 (supplier - Fibrecrafts).

Nancy Foy Cameron (1998). Woad - its history, how to grow it, how it works, how to get colour out of it. Atholl Browse Publications (supplier - Fibrecrafts).

Jill Goodwin (2003).
A Dyer's Manual - 2nd Edition. Ashmans Publications.

Jenny Dean (1999). Wild Colour: How to grow, prepare and use natural plant dyes. Mitchell Beazley, London. An excellent book on natural dyes, full of photos of the plants and several colour charts.

Elizabeth Wayland Barber (1995). “Women's Work: The First 20, 000 Years - Women, Cloth and Society in Early Times”. W W Norton
 - fascinating book on the early history of textiles.

Manda Scott, the Boudica series and courses on Dreaming 

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